Thursday, November 12, 2009

Walls And Bridges

Juan de Fuca Trail: Suspension Bridge
While I was incredibly nervous prior to my trip to Ghana, I am feeling much more relaxed this time. All this despite the fact that this trip is much more daunting and arduous.

Consider this. I don't care where you live, but the overwhelming odds are that if you ran across a hopelessly lost tourist who couldn't speak the local language, you would take them under your wing and help guide them as best you could. Your own sense of decency would dictate that.

I know that people around the world have the same generous instincts that you do. They may look different, they may act different, but there is a commonality of experience that we all share.

There are far more bridges than walls.

Yes, there is no shortage of cheap scammers in this world, but they represent an insignificant percentage of humanity, and their locations are easily scouted in this era of instant communication.

I will put the walls up when necessary, but this whole trip is about bridges.